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About This Program

Do you run meetings? Or do you attend meetings that are badly managed?

There’s nothing more frustrating than attending a meeting that is directionless, poorly planned and poorly facilitated.

By following our step by step instructions on how to think about, communicate, design, and run an effective meeting, we hope you can leave those days behind.

As you move your way through our online instructional videos, we will share specific advice, templates and tips on how to run a great meeting.

What You Will Walk Away With

By completing this Program and putting into practice all that you learn, you will know:

  • How to prepare for your meeting, including writing an Agenda, Brief and sending out a Calendar Invitation.

  • How to design your meeting experience and set the scene.

  • How to lead your meeting with confidence and document Minutes and Commitments.

  • How to make final decisions in your meeting, manage difficult behaviours and end your meeting well.

Program Curriculum

Your chapter by chapter guide.

    1. Introduction

    1. Roles In The Meeting

    2. Meeting Preparation

    3. Agenda and Preparing a Brief

    4. Meeting Invitations

    5. Designing Your Meeting Experience

    1. Setting The Scene

    2. Chairing Or Leading The Meeting

    3. Meeting Minutes and Documenting Commitments

    4. Making Decisions Together

    5. Managing Difficult Behaviours

    6. Ending Well

    7. Tips For Top Performers

    1. After The Meeting

About this course

  • $97.00
  • 14 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content


Aaron P

“It was good to be able to stop and start the learning when I needed to. The Learning Guide is something I still look at before I run a meeting.”

Run Great Meetings

Jump in and learn step-by-step how to run a great meeting. Your Coaches are ready and waiting!


Co-Founder and Coach Paula Drayton

Paula has more than 25 years of experience in large corporations where she was both an Executive and Consultant. These days her passion is directed at working with leaders to build insights and skills that have them be authentic, balance work and life and succeed in their chosen leadership field. Alongside this she loves all things marketing, all things creative and working with her team to make a difference in the world.

Co-Founder and Coach Tony Carew

Tony draws on his rich life experience and background as an actor, chef and professional in the domain of psychological injury and human resources. He is one of Australia's leading Facilitators and Coaches and has a unique capability to shift leaders who have a fixed mindset and unhelpful mood. He has worked with Executives from some of Australia's leading organisations and he loves working with emerging talent to help them become great leaders.

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