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About This Program

Does everyone in your team deliver on their promises? 

If not, you're just 14 lessons away from changing that forever.

This Program begins by helping you understand how you can set your team up to coordinate and communicate effectively. 

You will learn how to master the art of an effective request and how to secure a reliable commitment. Once you start practising these skills you will reduce the number of accountability conversations you have and start getting work delivered on time and to standard. 

What You Will Walk Away With

By completing this Program you will learn:

  • 8 steps you must take to mindfully prepare for a request.

  • 6 elements of an effective request.

  • A range of responses you should be aware of in response to your request.

  • How to gain shared understanding before any work commences.

  • How to secure a reliable promise.

  • How to stay open to disruptions in the delivery cycle.

  • How to have a Conversation for Appreciation.

  • How to have a Conversation for Relationship.

Course Curriculum

Your chapter by chapter guide.

    1. Introduction

    2. An Everyday Skill

    3. A Map To Accountability

    1. Before You Make A Request

    2. 8 Steps To Mindfully Prepare

    1. The 3 Steps Of Conscious Negotiation

    2. Making An Effective Request

    3. Responses To A Request

    4. Gaining Shared Understanding and Securing a Reliable Commitment

    1. Staying Open To Renegotiating

    2. When Your Performer Cannot Deliver

    3. When A Customer Initiates A Renegotiation

    1. Offering Feedback

    2. Conversation For Appreciation

    3. Conversation For Relationship

    1. Practice, Practice, Practice

About this course

  • $197.00
  • 16 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Drive Team Accountability

Discover a whole new way to get your team to deliver on time and to standard. Your Coaches are ready and waiting!


Co-Founder and Coach Paula Drayton

Paula has more than 25 years of experience in large corporations where she was both an Executive and Consultant. These days her passion is directed at working with leaders to build insights and skills that have them be authentic, balance work and life and succeed in their chosen leadership field. Alongside this she loves all things marketing, all things creative and working with her team to make a difference in the world.

Co-Founder and Coach Tony Carew

Tony draws on his rich life experience and background as an actor, chef and professional in the domain of psychological injury and human resources. He is one of Australia's leading Facilitators and Coaches and has a unique capability to shift leaders who have a fixed mindset and unhelpful mood. He has worked with Executives from some of Australia's leading organisations and he loves working with emerging talent to help them become great leaders.

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Harriet D

“I’ve been waiting for a low-cost way to build these skills with my team – this is it!”