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  • New & Existing Leaders

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Benefits of our Programs

  • Lead with confidence and clarity.

  • Grow and scale your business.

  • Drive team performance.

  • Reclaim your work-life balance.

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About Liberated Leaders

  • Our Mission

    To help leaders re-invent themselves, their teams and their businesses by building new skills and practices so that they can adapt and thrive through growth, change and disruption.

  • What's Different?

    We bring real-life experience to build skills and practices that are practical and relevant for today's fast-changing world.

  • What We're Up To

    Over the next 5 years, we want to bring everything that big businesses understand about leadership to everyday leaders in a way that's fun, good value and impactful.

Meet Our Coaches

Tony and Paula are the founders of Liberated Leaders

Co-Founder and Coach Tony Carew

Tony draws on his rich life experience and background as an actor, chef and professional in the domain of psychological injury and human resources. He is one of Australia's leading Facilitators and Coaches and has a unique capability to shift leaders who have a fixed mindset and unhelpful mood. He has worked with Executives from some of Australia's leading organisations and he loves working with emerging talent to help them become great leaders.

Co-Founder and Coach Paula Drayton

Paula has more than 25 years of experience in large corporations where she was both an Executive and Consultant. These days her passion is directed at working with leaders to build insights and skills that have them be authentic, balance work and life and succeed in their chosen leadership field. Alongside this she loves all things marketing, all things creative and working with her team to make a difference in the world.

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What People Say

Rachel Nobile

Head of Western Region Customers & Communities at SGCH

The Liberated Leaders journey has challenged my way of thinking, opened my mind to new ways of learning and made me feel more comfortable within myself. Allowing me to be more comfortable with the unknown when learning new leadership techniques, and reflecting on the historical practices that have shaped my style. The skills I have learned have transformed me professionally, and without even noticing, shown up personally, too. It’s a true self transformation experience!

Rob Gregory

General Manager at East Waste

Transformation is an over-used word, but this program truly has resulted in a transformation of my leadership. This is a Leadership Program that teaches not only professional skills, but transferable life skills which have also markedly improved family and personal relationships.

Clare Standfast

Director of Windmill House Creative

Liberated Leaders has given me profound, practical knowledge that has benefitted me tenfold, both personally and professionally. I was able to implement their broad range with practices immediately with my clients, and the results have been remarkable. Participating in Liberated Leaders has been absolutely necessary to the growth of my business.